Chiara Lens: Natural Blue Contacts For Brown Eyes

Natural Blue Contacts For Brown Eyes
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Contact lenses can be quite versatile. Whether you want to have a blue tint or a green shade on your brown eyes, it is possible nowadays. Contact lenses are beauty products that allow you to make enhancements to your natural look and create a whole new appearance. You might choose to change your eye color for a date, a trip on the lake, a late-night party or anything else. You can also match your eye color to your outfit, your skin tone, and your make-up for the day.

There are many different reasons for choosing to wear natural blue contacts for brown eyes. The hardest part is finding the exact pair of contacts to make your eyes look natural. Here are a few tips:

  1. Brown eyes are hard to cover up with lighter colors such as blue or green, but not impossible. You can find natural blue contacts for brown eyes, but make sure to check their product description first. In order to have the most natural feeling on your eyes as well as the most natural look, make sure to choose soft contact lenses made of Polyhema. This is a flexible material that allows your eyes to feel fresh throughout the day.
  2. Next, pick the right base curve and diameter for your brown eyes so that the blue part of the contact lens completely covers the colored part of the iris. You can find this information on any website of any vendor.
  3. Look for a two-tone contact lens in order to achieve the most natural look possible for your irises. Two-tone blue contact lenses are designed with a darker limbal ring on the outer part of the lens, and a light blue color in the middle. These types of contact lenses will make your irises more prominent and defined.

Wearing blue contact lenses on brown eyes is quite an interesting choice. In fact, the brown color of your natural iris can peak through and create interesting flecks of highlights on your blue eyes after wearing contact lenses.

The whole ensemble will create a subtle and natural look.

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