Advantages of wooden toys

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Wooden animals figurines have always been appreciated by parents and not only as a tribute to the past. First of all, wood is an environmentally friendly material that does not cause allergies and toxic poisoning. Secondly, such a gift helps baby to learn about the world and be closer to nature. Such toys help to develop motor skills, thinking of the child. Wooden toys have many positive qualities, unlike plastic. Natural material has natural energy, heat and a special texture of the surface of the product. Having such a gift from the first days, the baby touches and smells it, learns about the world, comprehending a complete and correct idea of ​​the environment. In addition, the advantages of choosing wooden toys are as follows:

  • Environmental friendliness. Such a product is completely safe for the child, even if he tastes the product. Unlike plastic, which can provoke toxic poisoning and allergies in the baby.
  • Tree is hard to smash. These toys are stored for many years, without requiring special storage conditions.
  • Easy to care. To clean the product, just wipe it with soapy water or a normal damp cloth.
  • Wood allows you to feel the heat, texture, structure of the material. It has a pleasant smell.
  • The child learns the world around him for smell, taste and sensations. The advantages of wooden toys are that they help to feel the real weight of the product, its density.

Wooden toys have minimalism and simplicity, which allows you to creatively develop your baby, giving him complete freedom in the flight of fantasies. Depending on the type of product and its purpose, varnished, painted and unpainted models are produced. They allow your child to develop the correct perception of the world and aesthetic qualities.

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