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Wear resistance is a relative concept, if for someone a slight wear or fading of colors is an advantage, for someone it is unacceptable. That is, often the issue of wear resistance goes into the area of subjective opinion.

Screen printing

The most popular technology for applying to almost any material is called Screen printing Houston. Screen printing is the process of transferring ink through a stencil onto a product. In ancient times, all stencils were made from silk thread. That’s why it is called that way.

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Embroidery Houston is always done through a stencil. Any image is divided into colors. One color – one stencil. Then paint is pressed through it and a finished print is obtained on the product.

How much time does it serve?

A screen printing applied in a standard way, that is, using plastisol, in comparison with paints, can last more than one hundred washes. However, it should be remembered that since the print is like a sticker on top of the fabric, it is subject to mechanical damage. Small cracks can be seen on old T-shirts with silkscreen prints. To avoid this, the print should consist of relatively small elements – for example, if you order printing numbers on a T-shirt. Then the risk of cracks and scratches is greatly reduced.

How to care for silkscreen?

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To make things last longer, follow these rules:

  • Wash textiles by hand at 30°C with a little salt added.
  • Wash at a water temperature not exceeding 60 °C.
  • It is recommended to wash embroidered items separately from other laundry.
  • Use mild detergents – delicate powders and soaps.
  • Rinse textiles thoroughly, avoiding hard spin.

Only in this way silk-screen printing withstands more than a hundred washes and will remain like a new one.

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