Why do we love magic tricks?

Image by annca from Pixabay

Many people, not only children, but also adults, are very fond of tricks, which is more associated with an interest in magic. All the magic coins, hats, flowers, and bunnies pique our curiosity. But, according to psychologists, in addition to this, the love of magic tricks is also connected with human psychology.


So, all people are strongly drawn to everything mysterious, which can be explained by the fact that everyday life teaches the laws of reality, and when something extraordinary happens, a so-called emotional “failure” is formed, which fascinates and brings new emotions.


The second point is that each person is interested in solving various puzzles, and tricks are very similar to them, because sometimes it is not at all clear how the focus is “twisted” and by what actions it is achieved. If you look in more detail here, it turns out that even simple tricks are serious puzzles that not everyone can solve.


Also, the interest in tricks can be explained by the love of risk. According to psychologists, many people lack “drive”, which can be compensated by watching tricks or magic tricks. Studies show that when watching magicians, a person experiences almost the same emotions as when watching racers during tournaments.

Subconscious mythology

At the same time, psychologists say that subconscious mythology also has an influence. In particular, we are talking about the fact that every person from childhood is familiar with fairy tales and legends about various magical transformations that remain at the subconscious level and “live” with a person. And, if in adulthood it will no longer be possible to “plunge” into a fairy tale, then tricks will allow you to experience almost the same magical emotions.

According to psychologists, all these moments are the reasons for sympathy for even the simplest tricks that can always cheer you up.

Image by annca from Pixabay