7 Money Saving Tips For House Renovation

7 Money Saving Tips For House Renovation

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Ready to renovate your house? How much money are you willing to spend? Most people put their renovation plans off since they are scared of the answer to the second question.

Thankfully, there are surprisingly cheap ways to renovate your home in the shortest amount of time. Orlando based AFS General Contractors shared a few money-saving ideas.

1.Take Advantage Of Existing Materials

More often than not, when construction or renovation projects are completed, there are some materials left behind. Tiles, wallpaper, or spare door knobs are often lying around in the homeowners’ sheds and attics.
Dive into the long-forgotten corners and you’ll surely find something you can use for your next renovation session.

2. Look For Clearance Sales

Did you know that hardware stores have clearance sales quite often? Take advantage of what they offer. Perhaps you won’t find exactly what you want, but if you want to save money, try to be flexible.
With the right approach to finding convenient sales, you can substantially reduce the cost of any renovation.

3. Watch DIY Videos

Delegating hard work to professionals is smart. However, there are many small tasks you can do yourself. Thankfully, there is an impressive number of free DIY videos on the Internet. Coupled with “how to” articles, they can work wonders.
With the help of friends and family members, you can finish many renovation projects in no time.

4. Do Your Own Painting

Painting is easy. Really, it is. It’s fun, too. Once you start doing it, you’ll scold yourself for paying someone else to do the job in the past. Repainting walls is the simplest way to make your home look new and improved. Save on the painting materials by catching a clearance sale.

5. Find Inspiration Online

The Internet is full of remodeling ideas. If you feel as if you need to renovate but don’t know exactly what you want, browse other homeowners’ projects for inspiration. You may find that you don’t really need too much money to create a home of your dreams.

6. Plan Your Budget

Plan your budget in advance. Do it before you start monitoring clearance sales. If you manage to stick to your budget, you can avoid unpleasant surprises when the project is half-finished. Following the budget makes remodeling faster, easier, and cheaper.

7. Be Practical

The majority of expensive remodeling solutions are not practical. Carpets, wallpaper, curtains are rarely a necessity. Consider crossing such items off your list and using the money you have for other important matters.

May 16, 2018