10 reasons why festivals are cool

10 reasons why festivals are cool
Image by LogikalThreads from Pixabay

Festivals are cool. And if you doubt, now you have several arguments.


Imagine only how much money you spend on solo concerts of such a variety of performers! On many points, the entire festival can get cheaper than single identifies of famous stars.

Difference of Set-Sheets

On the kirkland summer festival, the program is short, but extremely interesting – only bright hits plus the minimum number of unbearable tracks.

New acquaintances

Just imagine how many potential friends from different parts of the world can be found at festivals. You may never meet in the future, but you can communicate in social networks.

Language practice

Music events in another country – the best opportunity to chat in a foreign language on common topics.

Expand geography

Festival is a great opportunity to go to new places, inspect the sights of cities in which you were not previously.


After all, is it cool that there is a crowd around you in dozens, and even thousands of like-minded people? The rhetorical question, the answer to which is obvious.

Inspirational ideas

Yes, festival fashion is often strange, but sometimes it can inspire well – throw the options for unprecedented looks, makeups and hairstyles away.

Lack of boredom

Sea of ​​different entertainment – circus, hangs, thematic parties, activity from sponsors and lounge zones will always be at festivals.


Even those who are 60, say that festivals rest at the soul and try to feel all the youthful charms of life. In other words, infinite extravagancies and incomparable satisfaction.


The most valuable thing that can be brought with you from the festival is memories. It is impossible to forget the tears of happiness on the cute songs, the crowd of happy faces and herd of goosebumps throughout the body.

Image by LogikalThreads from Pixabay